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Do I need a lawyer for my Illinois motorcycle accident case?

Do I need a lawyer for my Illinois motorcycle accident case?After the ordeal and hardship of any accident-let alone one involving a motorcycle-most people do not want to put up with a legal fight.  However, once they reach the conclusion that the legal process is necessary to obtain compensation for their injuries, they inevitably must wonder what a lawyer can do for them that they cannot do for themselves.  Before delving into the rationale for utilizing legal counsel, it is helpful to outline what must be done in litigation in order to receive a jury award or settlement amount.



At various points throughout your case, you will be asked to research and draft legal documents to articulate and argue your side.  Here is an overview of some of the most important ones:

  • Complaint: This is the outline and thesis for your entire case.  It outlines how you were injured, why the defendant(s) is responsible, how much compensation you deserve, and why the law agrees with you.
  • Motion for Summary Judgment: Among the multitude of motions that you can file in a case, this might be the most important.  It can filed at various times throughout the pendency of your trial and essentially argues that the other side has not made its case or cannot make its case.
  • Appeal: If you are unsuccessful in court, you can potentially take your case to the appellate level if you believe that certain errors or deficiencies produced the original verdict.

This list just highlights the critical documents that must be drafted in many cases but it shows the serious work that must be performed to succeed.


In litigation, discovery is the formalized process where both sides obtain the information they need to make their case from the other side.  They can only seek what is relevant have strict limits on how long they have to ask and the extent to which they can ask for materials.  Here are some common things sought in discovery for motorcycle accident cases:

  • License and proof of insurance from the other party.
  • Employment information of the other party.
  • Blood alcohol level of the other party at the time of incident.
  • Evidence of maintenance or lack of maintenance on other party’s vehicle.


Inevitably, you might have to make your case in front of a jury.  Yet, before that, you will have to make it to a judge via complaints, motions, and other documents.  This takes an incredible amount of research and investigation as well as communication with the other side.  At trial, you will need to perceptibly advocate your side to every person on the jury.  This will take exceptional practice and delivery.


You can reinvent the wheel, or you can adopt a team of qualified attorneys that have managed cases such as yours and know what it takes to bring it across the goal line.  Also, this is not a trivial matter.  If your motorcycle case is like any other, then it probably involves a serious amount of medical bills, property damage, and lost wages.  Why gamble?  Furthermore, many firms, such as ours, should guarantee you the following at no cost:

  • No charge unless you receive an acceptable jury award or settlement.
  • Complete access to an attorney at every stage of the case.
  • No conflict of interest or representation of similar defendants.
  • Thorough review and explanation of all material legal issues, arguments, and strategies.
  • Experience of handling many other cases like yours.
  • Zealous advocacy at trial and before the judge.
  • All resources necessary to ensure your victory.

Hopefully this illustrates the great undertaking that any Illinois motorcycle case is but also relays how zealous advocacy can take a lot of the pain out of it and ensure that you receive what you should.

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