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Fractures are extremely common motorcycle injuries due to the amount of energy and forced displaced throughout the process of an accident and the limited protection available to riders. The Chicago motorcycle injury attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers handle many cases involving one or more fractures sustained when a rider is struck by a motorist or thrown off of his or her motorcycle. Understanding the different types of fractures that occur and how they are treated is crucial when making a proper assessment on the value of your case. The recovery process and which procedures may be require depend greatly on the location of the break and what type of injury it is.

The Four Primary Forms of Fractures

There are many different forms of fractures that can result from a motorcycle accident, but all fractures are relegated to four main categories. These categories describe the manner in which the bone has broken and whether the injury involves an open wound. Here are the four primary categories that a fracture may fall under.

  • Displaced fractures. These fractures involve the complete break of the bone in one or more places. These fractures require the bone to be set back into place in order for it to heal, and in some cases, surgical measures are required to keep the bones in the best place for the bones to heal.
  • Non-displaced fractures are breaks or partial breaks that occur without movement. Hairline fractures are common examples of non-displaced fractures, but complete breaks can occur as well. Whether the bone has moved out of place or not is the criteria for determining whether the fracture is displaced or non-displaced.
  • Simple fractures. Also referred to as closed fractures, these fractures occur without making any punctures or lacerating the skin. The only way to tell if someone has a simple fracture is to take an x-ray. Swelling and pain are not enough to indicate a fracture.
  • Compound fractures. Also referred to as open fractures, these fractures result in the puncture or laceration of tissue when the bone protrudes from the body. In some instances, the bone can be seen clearly exiting the wound, while it can recede back inside the skin in other incidences. Aside from the puncture wound and damage to surrounding tissue, the primary concern with compound fractures is that they may become infected. Debris can contaminate the wound, resulting in a tissue or deep bone infection.

Treatment Options for Fractures

Whenever a bone has broken, it needs to be set back into place so that it can heal. This process is called reduction. If this process can be performed without the need for surgery, it is referred to as a closed reduction. Open reduction is the repositioning of the bone through surgical intervention. Ways in which bones can be repositioned through surgery include the use of pins, screws, rods or plates. Doctors must also treat open fractures to eliminate the presence of any germs or bacteria in order to prevent infection or to prescribe antibiotics if the patient develops an infection due to the initial injury or as a result of the procedure.

When surgery is required to repair broken bones, patients are placed on a long road to recovery. They may require physical therapy and multiple visits to specialists in order to ensure that their recoveries are going as planned. The wounds can also become infected and pose a risk for severe medical complications. While victims of motorcycle accidents are recovering, they may be forced to stay home from work as medical bills begin to pile up. If they are not at fault for their injuries, they should not be forced to bear these costs and our Chicago motorcycle accident attorneys work tirelessly to explore all avenues toward the recovery of compensation for our clients.

You may be entitled to recover the cost of medical bills you have already accumulated as well as the cost of any treatment you will require in the future. The value of your wages and pain and suffering are also considered when assessing the value of your case. In order to provide an accurate assessment of your case’s value to the court, we often rely on the testimony of medical experts and economists to ensure that the damages you recover will cover the cost of your complete physical recovery.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers is an award winning personal injury law firm that has recovered damages on behalf of thousands of clients injured due to the negligent actions of others. Contact us today to arrange a free case review with one of our qualified and experienced Chicago motorcycle injury attorneys so that we can collect the information needed to evaluate your case and review your legal options with you. Once we have thoroughly evaluated your case, we will advise you on the best way to proceed with your case. Since we work on a contingency basis, you are guaranteed that unless we are able to secure damages on your behalf, our services will not cost you a thing.