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Hit and Run

Vehicle accidents that involve a motorcycle often result in catastrophic injuries. Even a collision at a low speed can cause thedeath of the motorcyclist, dismemberment, spinal cord damage or brain trauma. In fact, many of the motorcycle accident cases handled by the Illinois personal injury attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers have involvedlife-altering injuries.

Hit and RunIn many cases, the driver at fault for causing the accident was driving distracted, inattentive or operating the vehicle recklessly. In some cases, the driver at fault for the accident experiences a moment of unexpected terror and makes an unwise decision to flee the scene of the accident. In that moment, they failed to understand that leaving the scene of the accident is a serious crime punishable as a criminal offense.

Unfortunately, for the for the victim and family members, the catastrophic injuries or death will result in exorbitant expenses that often involve hospitalization, therapy, rehabilitation, surgeries, time away from work, pain and suffering. Family members who lose a loved one in a motorcycle hit-and-run accident also have the expense of funeral and burial costs. Because of that, many victims will choose to hire a reputable Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer that specializes in hit and run accidents to ensure that their legal rights are protected.

Financial Compensation from a Hit-And-Run Accident

The financial expense of any vehicle accident involving a motorcycle becomes exorbitantly higher the moment the responsible party flees the scene of the accident before exchanging information. While the other driver will face significant fines and criminal charges, in some cases that motorist is never found. Even so, the victims left behind still have legal options to pursue financial compensation from their hit and run accident.

If the motorcycle rider had insurance coverage at the time of the accident, the policy likely also contains uninsured motorist coverage that will provide recompense for the biker and passenger. Under this portion of the policy, all hospital bills, time away from work, motorcycle damage and other expenses that occurred as the result of the hit-and-run accident can be compensated by the biker’s policy. This is true even if the hit-and-run driver is eventually found and does not have insurance coverage.

However, obtaining financial recompense can be complicated because the comprehensive Illinois tort laws involving personal injury are complex. However, skilled law firms that specializes in motorcycle accidents will have immediate resources to investigate the accident, speak to eyewitnesses and develop a case for compensation. Having an attorney will ensure that all present and future medical costs, physical therapy, living expenses, tangible expenses, and lost wages are compensated for now and in the years ahead.

Filing a Hit-And-Run Accident Claim

Like nearly other all types of vehicle accidents, the victim must file a claim for compensation with the insurance carrier and/or claims adjuster. However, insurance companies are for-profit businesses and will often use a variety of tactics and strategies to minimize the amount of compensation paid out on the claim, even if the victim is a customer of the insurance company.

Often times, the victim’s claim is delayed for months on end, or denied outright due to red tape and legal wrangling. However, personal injury attorneys who specialize in vehicle accidents will have years of experience and successful strategies during the negotiation process of an out of court settlement or inlitigating the case in front of a judge and or jury.

Why Legal Representation Is Necessary

The first step a competent personal injury attorney will take will be to determine what other parties might be responsible for the accident. As an example, if the hit-and-run driver was operating a company vehicle, their employer might also be responsible for the accident. Other factors involved in the case might be a road defect that initially caused the fleeing motorists to change lanes or veer into the pathway of the motorcyclist. In this case, the government might be held legally liable for poor roadway maintenance.

Before the claim for compensation can be filed, your personal injury attorney will ensure that you are receiving proper and adequate quality medical care to make sure you heal properly. Unfortunately, many motorcycle accidents result in catastrophic injuries where the victims suffer life-altering injuries. In these cases, the attorney must determine the extent of damages, the level of injuries in the years of recovery ahead to determine the accurate amount of compensation the victim must receive.

Hiring an Attorney

No victim of a hit-and-run motorcycle accident should ever allow the insurance carrier to dictate the level of settlement they receive. This is because insurance companies and claims adjusters are far more interested in maintaining their bottom line than the welfare of the victim in the years of suffering ahead.

The Chicago personal injury attorneys at Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers assist real victims who are dealing with real problems. We fight aggressively for our clients and handle every aspect from investigating the scene, preserving the evidence, and discussing the level of injuries with the best medical experts.

If you have suffered injuries from a hit-and-run motorcycle accident, we urge you to contact our law offices at (888) 424-5757 today to schedule a free, no-obligation case evaluation. With our law firm, you will never pay a legal fee unless we recover your financial compensation on your behalf.