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Motorcycle Injury Settlements

Motorcycle Injury SettlementsOur motorcycle accident attorneys have the experience to see your case through. Here are some recent case results:

  • $4,250,000 Wrongful death. 53-year-old father of three was killed instantly when he was struck from behind while he was stopped at a traffic light. The truck that hit him was operated by a moving company who was driving cross-country and operated by an employee who had never driven that vehicle before.
  • $3,650,000 Bilateral leg fractures. A teen-driver pulled out of a high-school parking lot onto a busy street without looking to see if there was approaching traffic. Our client, a 33-year-old mechanic was struck and thrown from his bike resulting in fractures to both legs. The settlement was paid by the auto insurance carrier for the teen’s parents within six months of the inception of litigation in Cook County court.
  • $2,759,000 Injured motorcycle passenger. While on the back of her boyfriends motorcycle, our 28-year-old client was thrown from the rear of the bike to the pavement when another vehicle merged into their path of travel. Our client sustained back and neck injuries which required surgical intervention. She also sustained a subdural hematoma which eventually resolved itself on its own.
  • $2,000,000 Wrongful death. We were retained by the family of a 24-year-old man who was killed in a head-on crash. The other vehicle was driven by an elderly person who had an expired drivers license. The proceeds from the recovery were split between the deceased man’s parents and siblings.
  • $1,650,000 Lumbar back injury. While proceeding through an intersection with stop signs, our client a 31-year-old woman was struck by a vehicle making a left-turn into her path of traffic. Witnesses at the scene confirmed that the other driver failed to yield. The impact threw our client over the handlebars of her motorcycle and onto the street pavement resulting in an injury to her lower back. After a series of epidural injections and physical therapy, the women underwent a lumbar fusion surgery. She has returned to work as a machine operator.
  • $1,250,000 Wrongful death settlement. This settlement was achieved via direct negotiation with the insurance company for a driver who ran a red light and ran into a 28-year-old man. We were retained by the man’s wife after the claim was originally denied by the other driver’s insurance company due to the fact that the deceased had controlled substances in his system at the time of the crash. The settlement about represents the full amount of insurance coverage available with $250,000 coming from the driver’s auto policy and $1,000,000 via umbrella coverage.
  • $1,100,000 Shoulder injury / clavicle fracture. While riding his motorcycle to work in a Chicago suburb, our client was preceding Northbound on Highway 41 when a company pick-up truck merged into his lane without signaling. The impact threw him into a concrete median where he injured his shoulder and fractured his clavicle. Both injuries required surgery and physical therapy rehabilitation.
  • $950,000 Pelvic fracture. After working a shift as a firefighter, our client was struck by a drunk driver on his way home. The high-speed impact resulted in a fractured pelvis which required an extended hospital stay and in-patient rehabilitation. Our client missed nearly one year of work and was unable to return to his part-time job as a trainer at a gym. This matter was settled via a mediation prior to trial.
  • $895,000 Cervical fusion. Even a wearing a helmet at the time of the crash didn’t do enough to protect our client from suffering an injury to his neck while injured in a multi-car crash. A lawsuit was filed against the party who caused the crash as well as a under-insured motorist claim with the motorcyclist’s insurance company.
  • $750,000 Leg fracture and torn ACL. In an attempt to avoid a car pulling out of a parking lot, our client made an evasive maneuver to try to avoid the collision. Unfortunately, the sharp turn resulted in him laying his bike down on the pavement and an injury to his leg beneath the weight of the bike.  While the insurance company for the other driver attempted to claim that the accident was our client’s fault, we established the driver of the vehicle did not keep a proper lookout and was unfamiliar with the area where the incident occurred.