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paralysis-2-minReceiving the news that you have been paralyzed due to injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident can be staggering and it is normal to be caught in a web of emotions following the discovery. The Chicago motorcycle accident attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers recognize the dramatic life changes that result from paralysis and the exorbitant costs of taking care of a loved one who is no longer able to take care of day to day tasks. The financial burden should not be yours to bear and we will do whatever it takes to ensure that your needs are covered so that you won’t be a burden upon those who you love.

The Different Forms of Paralysis

Your prognosis may vary by the location of your injury and the extent of the damage to your spine or nerves. There are some notable cases in which patients have been able to recover their lost mobility through extensive therapy. Below are the primary groups which all cases of paralysis are categorized under.

  • Monoplegia— this form of paralysis affects one part of the body, such as a hand, foot, leg or arm. In some cases, patients may be able to restore mobility to the affected area and surgical intervention may be possible to facilitate recovery.
  • Hemiplegia— derived from the term, “hemisphere,” hemiplegia affects one half of the body. Those with this form of paralysis have full control of only one arm and leg located on the same side of the body.
  • Paraplegia— this form of paralysis affects the legs only and patients still have complete control of their arms and hands.
  • Quadriplegia— also referred to as tetraplegia, this condition is defined as the complete inability to move all four limbs. Muscle control is completely limited below the point of injury.
  • Flaccid paralysis— this term is used to identify paralysis that is the result of weakened muscles that remain limp and unable to contract.
  • Spastic paralysis— this is the opposite of flaccid paralysis, in which the muscles remain stiff. Patients may experience intense muscle spasms as a result that cannot be controlled.

The Cost of Living with Paralysis

When assessing the value of any case, our Chicago motorcycle injury lawyers look at current costs as well as the long term costs that are commonly associated with an injury. The cost of caring for a person with paralysis is prohibitively expensive, and the first year is the most expensive. We’ve provided the following estimates of caring for paralysis by injury type; assuming the injury occurred when the victim was 25 years old at the time of the accident.

  • Monoplegia or partial paralysis can cost nearly $350,000 in the first year and over $42,000 each year afterward. The lifetime cost would exceed $1.5 million.
  • Paraplegia can cost the patient up to $520,000 during the first year and almost $69,000 per year following the first year. The lifetime cost can come to over $2.3 million.
  • Low quadriplegia is defined as an injury that occurs between the C5 and C8 vertebrae. This is the less severe form of quadriplegia, but still requires constant comprehensive care. The first year of care can cost upwards of $770,000 while each subsequent year can cost $113,000. Low quadriplegia can cost up to $3.5 million over the victim’s lifetime.
  • High quadriplegia is the result of an injury above the C5 vertebrae. Those suffering from this form of paralysis are at greater risk of life threatening complications and require constant care. The first year of treatment normally costs almost $1.1 million and each following year can cost almost $185,000. The total cost for a victim who was paralyzed at the age of 25 comes to $4.7 million over the remainder of his or her life.

The exorbitant cost of treatment for paralysis can make it difficult to recover compensation that will cover treatment for the rest of a victim’s lifetime. This is why Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers works closely with the insurance companies of our clients and those who are responsible for their injuries in order to explore all avenues of securing compensation. What we are unable to recover from auto insurance policies may be covered by your health insurance and our network of professionals includes social workers and counselors who can assist you in finding the resources you need to continue to receive care.

Contact us today to arrange a risk free consultation with one of our award winning Chicago motorcycle accident attorneys, who will be more than happy to travel to your location. Once we have collected the information we need to build your case, we will review all of your legal options with you and let you know how we can go about securing the compensation you require to cover the cost of your care. Our lawyers work solely on a contingency basis, so you are ensured that you will never need to provide payment upfront and our services will be completely free of charge if we are unable to secure damages on your behalf for any reason.