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Motorcycle Repair (Chicago area)

http://www.motorcyclemaniachicago.com – A family owned and operated repair shop that cares as your motorcycle as their own.

http://www.cycletechchicago.net – A Chicagoland area motorcycle repair shop with extensive Suzuki training.

http://www.acmecyclechicago.com – A motorcycle repair shop in downtown Chicago that repairs while you wait.

http://www.usedmotorcyclesandparts.com – This site carries and sells used and recycled parts for motorcycles.

http://www.imotorsportsinc.com/learn-more-about–schaumburg-motorcycle-repair–   A pre-owned motorcycle shop in the suburb, Schaumburg, of Chicago.

http://www.chicagomotorcycleguide.com/REPAIRS.HTM – A Chicago guide to motorcycle repairs, parts and shops.

http://www.motoguildchicago.com – A Chicago motorcycle school that teaches how to repair, fix and ride.

Riding Schools (Chicago area)

http://ridechicago.com – A downtown Chicago riding school that teaches people how to ride and gives lessons.

https://www.motorcyclelearning.com – A site for the first private motorcycle training school in Illinois.

http://www.chicagomotorcycleschool.com – A motorcycle riding school to teach people how to ride Harley Davidson’s.

http://www.startseeingmotorcycles.org/motorcycle_courses.aspx – A riding school that has safety courses for people riding motorcycles. It is for people with all skill and experience levels.

http://www.lrn2ryd.com – A wide variety of motorcycle training to a wide variety of riders at all levels.

http://novadriving.com/our-programs/motorcycle/?gclid=CjwKEAjw6_q5BRCOp-Hj-IfHwncSJABMtDaiYQeFYmDHQonUez_TLk7Xh56MdDr2GLTnVA0prcqUJRoCCgvw_wcB – A comprehensive driving school that provides road and classroom time.

http://www.calumetharley.com/join-our-courses–learn-to-ride?gclid=CjwKEAjw6_q5BRCOp-Hj-IfHwncSJABMtDaip0BRSJXGFmyerq1dKDtg2iX7sYI8Lzv__8YfODukdBoCJzbw_wcB – A new rider course for Harley Davidson motorcycle riders.

Riding Groups (Chicago area)

http://www.chicagomotorcycleguide.com/CLUBS.HTM – A guide for Chicago motorcycle riding clubs.

http://www.meetup.com/RTRChicago/ – A group of sport motorcycle riders who gather together for motorcycle events in the area.

http://www.meetup.com/Chicagoland-Womens-Motorcycle-Riders-Meet-Up/ – A group of women motorcycle riders who meet up in the Chicagoland area.

http://www.chicagocruisers.com – A group of safe motorcycle riders in the Chicago area who all ride together no matter what the motorcycle.

http://www.motorcycleroads.com/motorcycle-clubs/state/IL–  A site with listing and links to motorcycle clubs all over Illinois.

http://www.illinoisbikerinformationguide.com/clubs.html – An Illinois list and guide to motorcycle groups and clubs for motorcycle riding.

http://akmc.us/akffak/ – A group of retired law enforcement, military and civilians who support riding motorcycles.

http://cityheatmc.org – A motorcycle club comprised of civilians and law enforcement. These groups combined with a mutual respect for each other and riding motorcycles.