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Road Rash

Road rash is a serious condition that often results when motorcyclists make contact with the ground during an accident, and even though personal protective equipment can reduce its severity, riders who are dragged for great distances may suffer severe wounds. The Chicago motorcycle accident attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers believe that more attention needs to be brought to this condition, which can require expensive medical procedures to treat properly. If you have suffered road rash in a motorcycle accident, we will fight on your behalf to ensure you receive the compensation you need to make a full physical recovery and to cover the value of your lost wages and pain and suffering.

What is Road Rash?

Road rash is a term used to describe the tissue damage that results from friction burns that occur when the skin makes contact with surfaces such as asphalt or gravel. Road rash can vary in severity from minor cuts and scrapes to advanced tissue damage. In more serious cases, the injury can result in the complete removal of skin in what are called degloving injuries, which get their name by the way in which an arm, hand or leg is completely exposed due to the removal of skin around the muscles, tendons and bones.

Road RashSome road rash injuries may require immediate care to address severe bleeding and are easily infected due to the presence of debris throughout the affected area. It is not uncommon for victims of road rash to require skin grafting to address advanced scarring and tissue damage. The worst case scenario is often that an untreatable infection forces doctors to amputate the affected limb or digits.

Can Road Rash be Prevented?

Our Chicago motorcycle accident lawyers are often asked about the forms of protection that may be available for the prevention of these types of injuries. While personal protection equipment is available for motorcyclists such as helmets, gloves, jackets, long pants and boots; this equipment still offers very limited protection. If a rider is dragged along the pavement for a considerable distance, road rash can occur regardless of whether personal protection equipment succeeded in preventing direct contact between the skin and road.

It is sound advice to always wear whatever personal protection equipment is available to you, as this equipment often reduces the severity of injuries that are suffered in motorcycle accidents.

Treatment Options for Road Rash

The measures taken to treat road rash will invariably depend on the type of injury and its severity. Most wounds can be treated by stopping the bleeding and cleaning the wound to prevent infection. In the event the road rash is severe and has resulted in degloving injuries or deep tissue wounds, surgical intervention may be required to stop the bleeding, clean the wound and begin the healing process via skin grafts or other measures. The medical care that may be needed can be very expensive and victims are often required to rest for a time before being allowed to resume active lives.

Road rash is extremely painful and the requirement of rest and pain management during recovery often forces victims to lose time from their work. The loss of income can exacerbate the financial impact of these injuries by eliminating the victims’ sources of income while they are burdened with expensive medical bills. If the wound becomes infected and doctors have no other choice but to amputate, it can also change the life of the victim forever by forcing him or her to adapt to life without an arm, a leg, a hand or a foot. Our Chicago motorcycle accident lawyers fight tirelessly to ensure that victims never need to bear the medical impact of these injuries in addition to the physical agony they must endure.

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers is an award winning personal injury law firm that has the experience and track record of success that you need to ensure the greatest possibility of success with your case. Your physical recovery is our first priority and our access to a comprehensive network of medical specialists allows us to direct you to the medical professionals needed to help jump start your recovery. Those same specialists can provide the testimony needed to accurately assess the value of your injuries and secure the maximum amount of compensation allowed by Illinois law.

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