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Traffic Light Collisions

Traffic Light CollisionsChicago injury attorneys represent cyclists and passengers who have been involved in motorcycle accidents. A motorcycle accident poses grave danger to an individual, as the individuals involved often only have the protection of a helmet. A cyclist and his or her passengers have their limbs and body exposed to the sheer force of an oncoming vehicle. In a traffic light accident, a vehicle may fail to stop and ram into the motorcycle in front of it. Chicago injury attorneys help victims involved in these types of cases and can vindicate their rights.

How Does a Traffic Light Crash Occur?

A traffic light accident may occur when a driver is not paying attention to the road or the vehicles surrounding him or her. One of the increasing trends is that drivers are engaging in distracted driving behaviors, such as texting while driving. A driver may be attempting to update his or her GPS system, change the radio station or play on a car’s wireless internet system instead of paying attention to traffic signals. When a driver is distracted in this fashion, it may come as a surprise when a light changes to red. The driver may be forced to try to suddenly make the red light and rear-end a motorcycle as a result. This is likely a form of negligence as the driver failed to uphold his or her duty of care to other individuals on the road.

Traffic light accidents may occur for other reasons as well. A traffic light accident can occur when a driver is rushing to avoid a red light. The driver may try to make it through a yellow light and suddenly crash into a motorcycle if he or she is unable to make it. A driver may also crash into a cyclist if he or she escapes a red light and crashes into a cyclist at an intersection point. An intersection collision can be deadly if multiple vehicles are involved. A cyclist may be involved in a pile-up crash if an intersection collision occurs.

Weather conditions can also be a factor that contribute to red light accidents. A driver may try to stop his or her vehicle and be unable to stop the car due to icy or wet roads. These weather conditions can cause the driver to collide into a cyclist.

Who Is Liable for Red Light Accidents?

Red light accidents are often very complex cases for an attorney to handle. It is often unclear exactly which party is negligent in this type of case. Various parties may be negligent in causing the accident to occur. Multiple drivers may be negligent if they are not paying attention to the road due to texting while driving. A cyclist may also be contributorily negligent if he or she fails to go when a light changes to green.

Illinois recognizes a contributory negligence rule. This means that a cyclist is not barred from recovering damages even if he or she was partially negligent in causing an accident. A cyclist is not barred from recovery as long as his or her percentage of negligence does not exceed 50 percent.

An attorney can assist victims of motorcycle accidents by establishing that a driver acted in a negligent fashion. In a cyclist’s case, it will need to be shown that a driver owed a duty of care to the cyclist. The attorney will need to show that the driver also breached this duty of care and also caused the accident at hand. In addition, it is necessary for the victim to have suffered injuries in some manner. Other forms of damages, such as loss of consortium, may also be available as a form of recovery for the victim. An attorney can help a victim undersetand the various forms of damages that may be available to him or her.

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